The guide to Cathrineholm enamel cookware


Welcome to our guide to Cathrineholm enamel cookware and the designs of Grete Prytz Kittelson, with information on where to buy Cathrineholm items and the history of these fabulous Scandinavian mid-century design classics.

Cathrineholm For Sale

Cathrineholm enamelware is pretty hard to find and most people build up their collection by buying on Ebay. Even on Ebay, there can sometimes only be a handful of items up for sale at any one time. A useful tip when searching for Cathrineholm on Ebay is to be aware that a huge number of people spell it incorrectly - so make sure that you also search for Cathrineholme, Cathrinehome, Catherineholm, Catherineholme, Catherinehome, Catherine holm, Catherine holme, Catherine home etc!

Cathrineholm History

Cathrineholm was an ironworks, located near the town of Halden in Norway, which started production in 1907. Originally the ironworks manufactured wrought iron products and agricultural equipment, but due to changing economic circumstances it later evolved into producing enamel kitchenware. The company closed in 1970.